Tumble Time Xpress offers multiple types of classes throughout the week and month.  From Preschool enrichment to Mommy and Me to Drop and Shops, we have a class that will meet your needs!  Click on the class for more information on when and where each class below is being offered.

The Tumble Time Xpress rolls into local schools weekly. The TTX enrichment classes enhance the learning that goes on in school.

Drop and Shop

The Tumble Time Xpress rolls into various locations for a one hour class. Kids have fun and learn new things while families lunch, shop or get errands run. Cash only for Drop and Shops. Check out our Facebook page to see when and where the TTX will be headed next!

The Tumble Time Xpress rolls into local schools on a monthly basis for a fun and exciting class. We work on large motor skills while encouraging children to stay active and healthy.

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